zaterdag 5 december 2009

Sense for Taste present at Ikanda

Sense for Taste did a presentation in front of 1400 children of 12 year at the Ikanda event Ikanda . Presentation was done in duo with Dominique Persoone from The chocolate line. We talked about foodpairing, passion for chocolate, emotion and food. Ikanda was organised by Flanders DC . More pictures at Ikanda pictures

donderdag 3 december 2009

About Sense for Taste

We all expect more and more from food.

Food should be tasteful, healthy, harmless to the environment, low-cost & innovative, sometimes a premium experience and for some people inspiring like fashion with for each season a new flavor.

For all these challenges, Sense for Taste is the solution provider for the food industry.

At Sense for Taste we believe we can tackle the next generation food challenges by using the right set of analytical and statistical tools. Therefore we invested 4 years in developing a unique holistic food development program; linking quantitative market insights to scientific recipe development.

Foodpairing is a part of this holistic program and provides the user creativity and efficiency in the food development process specifically by focusing on aroma. By applying foodpairing we speed up the development process and minimize expensive consumer testing. Additionally the foodpairing method is applied to reduce cost, lower carbon footprint, remove allergens from your recipe,...

Through our worldwide network of universities and knowledge centers, Sense for Taste will help you to solve food related problems.

As we are in touch with the best chefs in the world, we are on the edge of new recipe and process development.